The leafy green sock that became a cardigan

I bought this lovely green sock wool (by Sparkleduck, which has to be one of the greatest names for a company ever) at KnitNation last year. I was attending with Ms W, who is a fabulous sock knitter, and was inspired to try and make socks again. I chose a lovely and challenging leafy pattern and set to work.

It wasn’t easy. I tend to knit loosely and found it impossible to get a good gauge. I had to go down several needle sizes and knit the small size even though my feet measure for the large size. It fit, but it wasn’t snug.

I can’t fault the pattern – I thought the way the heel was turned was great and the pattern is lovely. But after finishing the first sock, I really wasn’t inspired to start the next one. It just seemed so much work for something I didn’t LOVE. And as nice as it was, I didn’t love it and couldn’t see myself ever wearing it.

So, having fallen prey to second sock syndrome in the worst possible way, I put it aside and knit many other things while I decided what to do. The wool was too nice to waste – either by not finishing the set or by making the socks and not using them. In the end, I decided the wool could make a lovely baby cardigan.

I decided on the Leonie pattern and set to work. And though the pattern was fine (if a bit fiddly for my tastes – I’m not sure why the sleeves had to be done with short rows), I discovered that I really really don’t get on with fingering weight wool. It just drives me crazy. I’m definitely a sport weight/double-knit or even aran type of gal. Well, at least we learned something.

So the cardigan was knit for a newborn size, but I reckon the baby won’t be wearing this for 9-12 months. Unless she’s huge when she’s born. Which isn’t impossible. I still love the colour and the wool is nice, but I don’t LOVE this cardigan either. Maybe it’s just me and the wool – we’re incompatible or something. Lesson learned – no more fingering weight wool for this knitter.


One thought on “The leafy green sock that became a cardigan

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