I’m back… or will be soon…

I’ve been off the radar for several months as we settle in to life as parents of our lovely little girl. There has been no sewing and very little knitting during this time. We have started cooking more often as things have settled down, but blogging has just been more than I can tackle.

However, I think I’ve almost got the hang of this parenting thing and have a few things to actually blog about. Photos have been taken – now I just need to actually upload them and blog about them.

While I’ve been thinking about a return to blogging, I’ve been pondering whether to include photos of my daughter wearing the things I made for her. On the one hand, it’s nice to see clothing modelled by the person it was made for. And clothes make more sense when on a body.

On the other hand, I am a little cautious about creating an internet footprint for my daughter. Nothing on the internet every truly dies and she has no say over what I’m posting.  If this were a private blog, where I controlled who saw things, it would be different. But as this is public, I’ve decided not to post pictures of her here. I know this might make posts a little less interesting but it’s what I’m most comfortable with.

So, having said that, stay tuned for blog posts on salsa verde, knitted tank tops and ham hock salad in the coming weeks…

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