The unintentionally colourful cardigan

My original intent was to knit this cardigan completely in the brown wool. Unfortunately, I didn’t have enough to complete the rather large shawl collar. The wool has been discontinued, and a search on Ravelry and Ebay yielded no available skeins to be had – so we had to get a bit creative.

I have a basket full of wool waiting to be used, not to mention half used skeins in a box beside the bed. I was searching for a wool to match the red, blue or yellow flecks in the brown tweed. Luckily, I had 1 skein of a matching blue wool (purchased in New York. Just 1 skein. What the heck was I planning to do with it anyways?)

Once the collar was on, I added cuffs. This was to balance out the collar and make it more interesting.

The button was found at Nest – again, I had other intentions. However, I couldn’t find a brown button of the right size or type. I reckon this yellow daisy print button looks cooler than a boring brown button anyways.

I’ve had several compliments on the cardigan. I was initially surprised by this because my initial plans were so different. But instead of a plain brown cardigan, I ended up with this interesting and original multicolour piece of work. Unintentional success!

Original pattern available via Ravelry

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