Salsa verde: memories of Mexico

About this time 6 years ago, Ken and I went on our best holiday ever. We stayed for about 10 days in an eco-shack in Tulum, Mexico. It was off season, but still very warm, and we enjoyed long lazy days on the beach, cold cerveza and some incredible food. There was no electricity in our cabin, so we slept when the sun went down and got up as it rose. We had a conch shell for a shower head, a palm thatched roof, and a small crab liked to hang out in our bathroom. We enjoyed some fantastic holidays since but nothing has quite compared for total relaxation and peaceful enjoyment.

So what does this have to do with salsa verde? The link is my former boss, Amber, who shared my love of Mexican food and who reignited my interest in Mexico with her tales of living there several years back. She recommended Tulum as the best beach holiday she’d ever had. She also recommended several Mexican dishes that I’d never heard of or tried, despite growing up so close to the Mexican border. On that trip we tried cheladas and micheladas, lime soup, and bought chili tamarind paste for the first time. After we ran out of the supplies of hot sauce and refried beans we had brought back, she told me about – a great source for authentic imported Mexican goods.

And as the number of burrito places in London started to increase a couple years back, we formed The Burrito Club. With our colleague Mr B we would try a different burrito joint about once a month. Mr B always went for the hottest hot sauce (Adobo in Holborn won that contest, I believe). Amber was always on the hunt for crispy in the form of totopos or crunchy tacos. And I always, always ordered a burrito with slow cooked pork and salsa verde.

So, this recipe post is in memory of Amber and the best holiday I ever had. This particular salsa verde is a fresh one (with raw tomatillos instead of cooked) and I must admit, it isn’t as good as some of the jarred or canned ones I’ve had. But I think that is the fault of the chef, not necessarily the recipe, which comes from the always excellent Riverford Farm. Serve with tortilla chips, or on tacos, burritos, tostadas – anything. One of my favourite dishes with salsa verde (although best with a cooked version) is chilaquiles.

Or save yourself the time and effort and buy it at Mexgrocer or from The Cool Chile Company.


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