Converse-style baby booties

I love my Converse shoes. I love them, despite the fact they are impractical in the rain. Despite the fact they offer no ankle support. I don’t care – I love them.

Of course my daughter needs cool footwear too. So I spent a long time trying to find the best knitting pattern for some Converse-like baby booties. No luck.

And then one day, I did a Ravelry search without specifying ‘knitting’ – and came across a pattern for the most authentic looking Converse-style baby booties I’d ever seen. But they were crocheted.

greyConsI used to crochet, if you can call making endless granny squares crocheting. I never learned to read a pattern and never learned anything beyond a simple granny square. So making these booties was a crash course in crochet – both the stitches and the pattern abbreviations. With a lot of help from Google and a well written pattern, I made these awesome Converse-style booties. And I love them too.


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