It’s curtains for you, my dear

When we moved a few years ago, we inherited the curtains in the new place. The second bedroom sported a small, odd shaped window cover with heavy dark blue curtains. The curtains kept the light out and weren’t too ugly, so we left them alone.

When my daughter was born and the room became her nursery, the heavy dark blue curtains had to go. But it took me nearly 8 months to finally change them.

IMG_20130124_112219Fabric for the new curtains is from John Lewis and I followed an online tutorial which has since disappeared. (Any tutorial for tab top curtains should do, but here is one such tutorial) They are lined in a heavy muslin. The most difficult aspect was matching up the pattern repeat.

The fabric doesn’t block out all the light but we have a black out blind we can attach to the window frame for nap and bedtimes.

This is my first real foray into home dec sewing and it’s a success. It’s made the room look lighter, brighter and more kid-friendly.

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