Winter is coming: the toddler scarf

llamaScarfIt is somewhat suddenly cold the past few weeks and the nursery has asked for all manner of cold and wet winter gear to be sent with the kids. Having knit “The Red Hat that Will Last Many Years” last year, all that was missing was a scarf. I have to admit – I’m a bit scared of scarfs for kids, because they seem more a choking hazard than a necessary accessories. But Ravelry brought up all manner of patterns for toddler scarves, so I jumped in.

I made the Banana Squish scarf  because it seemed simple, quick and I liked the keyhole feature. It was a predictably quick knit and used up some of the leftover Peruvian llama wool I used to make myself a cardigan way back when I had more time for such things. Not a lot more to say, except doesn’t Fernando look fetching in this photo?


One thought on “Winter is coming: the toddler scarf

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