Possum: Vermin or nice, cosy cardigan?


Apologies for the low quality shot. Keeping the cat and the baby out of frame was rather difficult and I could only get this slightly out of focus picture

On our trip to New Zealand (before the baby was born), we visited Napier on the North Island. It’s a lovely art deco town along the coast and we spent several days eating at nice wineries, going to the aquarium and browsing the shops. I also dragged my in-laws and poor husband to Opposum World. Part shop and part life-sized diorama of the destruction caused to native wildlife in NZ by opposums, it was an unusual stop on the tourist trail. But they sold wool – or rather, yarn made of opposum.

Say what you will about the little critters, they make a lovely, soft, drapey knitting yarn.

This cardigan (the Posy Cardi – Ravelry link) was knit from that lovely possum wool. It’s a cosy extra layer, but the 3/4 length sleeves, dropped neckline and asymmetrical closure at the top only, means it’s not the warmest cardigan to wear this winter. But for being comfy around the house, it’s perfect. The possum wool fibres are short, which probably adds to the softness and drape, but does mean it feels like it may stretch and in some cases break threads. Nevertheless, it was lovely to knit with and feels rather nice against the skin.

So, if you get the chance to buy some possum wool, don’t pass it up. Those varmint have a purpose after all.

2 thoughts on “Possum: Vermin or nice, cosy cardigan?

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