The little knitted vest that could…

TrainVestFrontMy daughter, like most toddlers I expect, loves trains. We’re lucky enough to live near a local commuter train line, so if we’re ever bored on the weekend, we can just take her to watch the trains come and go.

TrainVestBackSo this pattern was a must. It’s from Sirdar’s Snuggly Little Kinfolk booklet, although I used a Debbie Bliss Cashmerino (previously used on the Wurm hat) instead of Sirdar’s suggested yarn. I also had to edit the pattern, as it simply repeated the same pattern on front and back (with a lead car on both sides). I preferred to have a train of 6 cars total, running round one side of the vest (rather than two disjointed trains) – so I moved the pattern to the other side of the back piece, repeated the pattern for the standard car, and knit the connector and track so it would join to the front.

It’s still (just) summer at the time of completion (August), so it hasn’t been worn yet. I’m just hoping she’s still into trains when the weather gets cold enough to warrant the first outing.