Quick cinnamon rolls

cinnamonRollsDue to Christmas and an early start to my maternity leave, I had a good 6 weeks of free time before my second child arrived in February. I used this time wisely – I baked, I knitted, and I binged on The West Wing.

These cinnamon rolls were super tasty and not too difficult to make, especially if you follow the recipe. I, however, forgot to buy buttermilk, so did the whole milk and lemon juice substitution recommended. Except I forgot that I made more than needed, so added too much of the mixture to the flour. Then I had to try and recalculate amounts to make it the right texture. Despite all that, they turned out quite tasty. And if I ever find myself with that much free time again, I might just make them again.

cinnamonRolls2The recipe can be found on the America’s Test Kitchen website – which you’ll need to register/join to see.