Toddler T’s

I have never sewn myself a t-shirt. What’s the point when you can get them for so cheap in most stores?

tshirts1I have, however, now dabbled in sewing toddler t-shirts. I don’t know why this is different, exactly. It’s not like my toddler needs more t-shirts or that they are expensive. Perhaps it’s just a challenge worth taking on a small scale.

The fabric is from the Knitting and Stitching Show and depicts 2 things almost every toddler loves – cats and dinosaurs. I did a 3rd test version that was way too big and stretched out and is relegated to the bottom of her ‘spare clothes’ drawer at nursery. These 2, however, get sufficient wear and were each whipped up in about 2 hours.

Will I make more? Perhaps if I run across more cute fabric like this, but to be honest, she has so many t-shirts as it is, there isn’t much point.

One thought on “Toddler T’s

  1. What a lovely blog Jeni! It was truly inspiring to go through all those beautiful baby projects. i will probably start one for my baby soon.. Thanks for sharing your work.. keep it up!

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