Baby Earhart?


Behold the Aviatrix hat, knit for my newborn daughter. This was made with the same wool used to recreate the Hat that will last many years  – that didn’t last so long after all. Lesson learned, and it was recreated in a machine washable wool, and this companion hat created from what was left over.

The new baby hasn’t worn it yet as, although I made the newborn size, it was far too big for her head. Not to worry, as it’s a stretchy pattern and should still fit in 4 or 5 months when the weather turns cold again.

This is a beautiful hat, easy to knit and a good introduction to the power of short rows for shaping. Highly recommended!

2 thoughts on “Baby Earhart?

  1. HI Jenny,
    Long time you haven’t heard from me, but I wanted to wish you four (!) congratulations, tell you the Aviatrix hat is gorgeous – very clever you are – and that I knew you were expecting from Steve who daintily stepped into your shoes, at least I hope it’s ‘daintily’. But knowing him, it will be.
    I sometimes travel past your house on the hill, going up or coming down to see my friend Sibylle in CE and always send you kind thoughts. Hopefully they were received.
    Love, Sonja

    • Hello Sonja! Sorry for the delay in response but thank you for your kind note and congratulations. I hope that you are also well!

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