Baby cord jacket for my grown up baby

FrontKwik Sew 3113 is adorable and I couldn’t resist the challenge of making a ‘jean jacket’ for my pre-schooler. And I had just enough blue-green baby cord to make it work.
This is the first Kwik Sew pattern I’ve ever used, but I’m smitten. There were some very clever construction details, such as the in-seam pockets, and it was very clean and neat to put together. With the fake flat-felled seams, I didn’t need to finish many seam allowances at all, meaning this was a pretty quick make, all things considered.

BackMore accuracy in cutting and construction would have given me a cleaner edge on the internal collar, but I got round this by binding the inner edge with cream bias binding. Not ideal, and still not as neat at the edges as I would like, but not too bad. I finished with some lovely floral printed wooden buttons, which just happened to match quite nicely.

OpenPlacketMy big mistake was lack of attention on the cuffs. As I was nearing the end, I was getting cocky and/or tired, and didn’t pay attention to which side the buttonhole (sewn and cut before adding the cuff to the sleeve) should go on. So I put the wrong cuff on the wrong sleeve and didn’t notice until all the top stitching had been done. I could have unpicked and tried again, but I couldn’t be bothered. So the button closes to the inside, to make the sleeve and cuff lie straight. On the plus side, the lovely button shows if you wear the sleeves open and folded up once.closedPlacket

I thought my daughter would love this when it was finished. Alas, she didn’t give it a second look and I had to cajole her into wearing it once for a fitting issue. She’s definitely not a baby that I can dress up in whatever I want any more! Never mind – perhaps her little sister will want it in a few years’ time.

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