I don’t even like the 50’s style…

IMG_20200107_124040I buy patterns that never get made. Maybe most sewers do – it looks good in the drawing, the photos are nice, maybe you kind of wish you could wear that style or look that good. I’m not sure why I bought Simplicity 3673 – I don’t even particularly like the 1950’s as a style, and frankly it’s not really my style.

In any case, I’ve had the pattern for a while and never made it (that’s surely a sign). Then I had some lovely blue green wool, originally purchased to make a tailored suit jacket and skirt. (And funny pattern story there – bought the wool to make the jacket, then realised that the pattern was the wrong size – too small – and therefore I didn’t have enough wool. And as it was purchased at a show, no way of getting more). So casting about for something to sew, I put pattern requirements against fabric available and decided to make this dress.

Now perhaps it would have turned out better if I had gone for the pencil skirt version. Or perhaps I should have tried a different full bust adjusment (or even just realised that ickle gathers under the bust were NEVER going to work for me). In any case, I did try and adjust the pattern to fit at the top better – kind of failed because I have NO patience for toiles, even when I know how much better they make the final product.

In the end, the dress is OK, but the bust isn’t quite right. And the style isn’t quite my style. And though the wool is lovely, I don’t love the dress. So beyond wearing it this one time, I haven’t worn it again. It will get a few more outings, to see if I can develop a relationships with it in different weather. But seems like I still haven’t learned – when you’re short on sewing time, focus on doing things that will suit you, that you love, and do them well.


2 thoughts on “I don’t even like the 50’s style…

  1. The dress looks perfectly good. Wear it a 10 times and then reassess the situation. I can’t see any green in that wool it looks all blue to me. Why are you not making a toile? What’s this about having no time? The world is in lockdown so you must have some extra time.

    • Thanks Helen. I have small kids, so there isn’t much time when not in lockdown, and even in lockdown, I am working full time and now home schooling full time – so still don’t have time!

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