First of a new favourite – the Filati wrap shrug

On a holiday in Bavaria last summer, we came across a small wool shop where I picked up a new (to me) knitting magazine, Filati. I then promptly lost it by leaving it at the end of the supermarket checkout as I collected some food for dinner. I was so disappointed, and couldn’t get back to the wool shop to get another, so I went online and ordered a series of the back issues to come to my house in the UK. It wasn’t cheap, but in a holiday mood, I figured it was a souvenir of sorts and worth the spend.

I’m so glad I did – this is hands down my favourite knitting magazine. Each issue has so many items I would love to knit. The main problem is that it’s in German (although there are issues and patterns written in English, the magazines I bought are all German). My German is basic at best, and translating knitting abbreviations is beyond my current abilities. Thankfully, Google Lens does a halfway decent job on my behalf, and with experience and logic, I can get a pretty decent translation done within an hour. Then I have my wonderful colleague and fellow knitter Susanne, who is German and very kindly reviews my translations for me, pointing out where I’ve gone a bit wrong. Huge thanks are owed to Susanne!

So this was the first thing I made – a sort of funky wrap shrug shawl thing. It’s a bit weird, a bit left field, and that’s why I love it. I used a cheap wool found at the Knitting and Stitching Show, which was fine. I’m somewhat regretting not using the recommended wool (although I’m not sure I’ve ever done that before in my life), as I am curious if it would have come out differently. I also should have made the armholes a bit bigger (my upper arms not being a svelte model size) and I realised once done that I missed a final decrease in the lower arms. It has had one outing, as of course the weather warmed up all spring-like as soon as I finished it.

But I’m definitely smitten – the very next thing on the needs was another Filati pattern, a spring/summer lacy vest and the next in the queue is a Filati pattern using the recommended wool. My knitting practice (and German vocabulary) has been somewhat transformed.