Unicorns in space!

It is now tradition for me, at the annual Knitting and Stitching Show, to purchase fabric to make dresses or skirts or something for each of my daughters. There is always a good selection of reasonable printed cotton or poly-cotton. But this print might be one of my favourite prints ever. Because it’s unicorns – in space.

The dress is New Look 6442 and is made slightly larger than required, to allow for growing into and longer wear. My daughter LOVES it and I often have to talk her out of wearing it when the weather is too cold or she has PE that day. I’m convinced the main reason she learned to tie her shoes was so she could also tie the dress herself (thus allowing her to wear it on PE days, when the kids have to wear things they can get in and out of themselves).

Unfortunately, after many months of wear and a few washes, it is now on the mending pile, following a round-related incident which saw one of the ties pulled/ripped from the side seam. I haven’t been able to look at it closely to see how easy it’ll be to fix – partly because I was so annoyed and hurt at the damage, and partly because I HATE mending things. Once I’ve finished the next dress, for the older daughter, I’ll rethread the machine and attempt a fix. Until then, the unicorns are grounded.