Quarantine tank

The second project from my new knitting love Filati, this tank was started shortly after lockdown started in London, and was finished just before the kids went back to school.

The wool is Fyberspates Scrumptious 4 ply in Sea Foam, purchased at a knitting exhibition attended with my knitting buddy and colleague (also German pattern translator extraordinaire). The exhibition was in that short time when we were all aware of coronavirus, but not yet avoiding going out and doing things. Which seems like a long, long time ago now!

Anyways, back to the pattern, from Filati Magazine 57. I suspect that the Fyberspates wool was softer than that recommended for the pattern, but it worked out anyways. The pattern took ages to work out, given my style of knitting. But when I eventually got all the decreases and yarn overs worked out, the knitting was straightforward. It was easier to follow the chart than the instructions – which is probably true for most left-handers, once they’ve figured out which stitch is the best for left and right leaning decreases.

It is essentially 2 large rectangles, knit, turned sideways and stitched together before adding ribbing at the bottom and armholes.

It’s very rare for me to have a knitting project without any mistakes. Sometimes I unpick and fix. Sometimes, I can’t be bothered, This make has many mistakes despite my best efforts to work backwards and fix some (unpicking and/or fixing incorrect patterns in lace is a true test of patience and your understanding of the pattern!) The biggest error is that the back piece is upside down. It’s a subtle difference, and not one I think most observers would instantly identify. By the time I realised, fixing it was impossible. So it goes – just one more things that makes this a unique piece.

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