I don’t even know what to call this style, but I love it

This is the cover model design from March 2019 Filati Hand Knitting No 71. I’m tempted to call it batwing, it’s definitely raglan, and is knit from a lovely light and drapey linen blend. it was finished quite a while ago and I’ve lost many of the details about the wool, etc in a recent house move. It is the recommended wool from Lana Grossa.

As with other Filati patterns, I had to translate this one from German, which means there is usually some trial and error to get the right outcome. In this case, I do recall having to rip back half of the back piece because I did the decreases wrong. I also think my ribbing, particularly on the arms, could have been tighter. Even saying that, it’s a super comfy and quite cool looking top, so I’m definitely happy with the outcome!