Leafy red jumper – successful knitting, if not style

The Peabody is a gorgeous pattern, with a lovely leafy stitch panel front and down the arms. According to Ravelry, I made this about 2013, which kind of blows my mind because I’m only just getting around to photographing it and posting about it. I love the pattern and am pretty pleased with the making of it. But it doesn’t get a huge amount of wear – in part because it’s quite warm and I rarely need a jumper that warm. In part, because I don’t really wear red often. And in part because it doesn’t look as good on me as it does on the model (surprise, surprise!). Anyone with anything more than an A cup might just find that their chest stretches that front panel out in a strange way.

Never mind – when I discovered that I have had it for something like 7 years already, I was pleasantly surprised because it does get worn a couple times a year (at least) and it is a pretty great feat of knitting. Heaven knows I’ve spent as long on other projects that haven’t lasted so well.


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