The annual dress – vintage cherry blossoms


Every year I purchase fabric at the Knitting and Stitching Show to make something for each of the girls. Sometimes it takes quite a long time to get round to making it. I set a goal this year to complete each girl’s dress by their birthday, which would ensure they were both done within 6 months of fabric purchase. Which is quite quick, given that I have some fabric from years and years ago…

This dress pattern was requested on one of the only times I was accompanied to the show (really, that show is no place for kids – it’s boring, and so crowded you are constantly afraid of losing your child in the crowd). I think she loved the drawing, with the very full skirt puffed out. I tried to explain it wouldn’t look quite like that – she didn’t care, she just wanted it.

The fabric is cotton, with cherry blossoms and a Torii gate, and was a dream to work with. I made a mistake in cutting out, which meant the closure at the back had to be bodged together. But it works and the fullness of the skirt ensures there is plenty of cover where the back opening overlap is a bit more shallow than it should be. I don’t love sewing in button closure on the back – not only does it mean lots of button sewing and buttonholes, but she can’t put it on herself.


Still, she loves it and it was done in time for her birthday. Success!

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